22 year old queer kid/poser punk that loves Jesus. Cis male (He/His/Him pronouns). Proud member of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia. I post lots of stuff relating to liberation theology, queer issues, music, men with beards, and video games.


take me to the glaciers
that cover your heart.
don’t hold my hand,
hold my breath and let me
speak into your sweat glazed skin.

I can smell God here. I can taste the Holy Spirit.

You kiss me and the stars explode.
You look me in the eyes and I forget what existence means.

But I swallow it all.
I close my eyes and
choke it down.
Forget. Forget. Forget.
He is too much.
He is living.
He is frightening.
He is so alive.

I wonder if Mary would sing a part in one of my punk songs if I asked her to.

Mary Lambert and Laverne Cox are so important to me, and they will be protected at all costs.

I just really enjoy liberation theology a lot, okay?

Any theology that is indifferent to the theme of liberation is not Christian theology.

James Hal Cone



Real Friends are human garbage and think making rape jokes is okay. Spread this like wildfire

In case you actually liked Real Friends… here’s your reason to stop.

Anonymous asked
Which political theorist would you say that you identify with the most?